Well.. most of you wanted me. I am finally here! Scudetto here I come!

Finally arrived, he’s coming, better to say so. It was a mini torment that we carry forward from the beginning of January. But in the end as some say, “All’s well that ends well.” Marriage after the announcement is about to be consummated and the fans are eager to see what happens on the field. Three tthe key factors and determinants that brings the arrival of Caceres in Turin.  

First, the couple ChielliniBarzagli will have an alternative plus additional Bonucci. Caceres is ductile and has already played as central in the national showing speed and dexterity. Bravo to the head game and the recovery will give a big hand Barzagli and in alternation with the same Bonucci. To Bonucci the onerous task of a competitor andand the burden of providing good services, although to be honest and let me say if Juventus is the best defense in the tournament is also because of him, despite the many and continuous critical and then if Conte has confidence in him and the fans in Conte transitive property requires trust. 

The second element concerns Lichtsteiner. The Swiss have always played always, partly because he had no alternative. Caceres does not guarantee the accuracy and speed of the swiss but in the closures and in the adaptability the Uruguayan the is a master. For the first time Lichsteiner can take a cold, even if no one wishes to. 

Conte: he is the happiest. With Caceres stretches the blanket and in winter you need a cover. Conte can count on a player who knows the environment, Juventus and some teammates. Now that the defense is complete for the current season and the same commander knows it. If then if “El Pelado” did also the goals like the one against Lazio two years ago, then Conte would have caught the jolly. 

source: tuttojuve.com ; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise