Might be the fault of a less evolved and more commercial transfer market, built around the need to buy just to increase the number of players in the squad. In Turin, in the name of that form of attention, they have not paid much attention taking refuge in the substance.

Planning an appreciable architecture at least in its logic. Is only just to renew, without many unnecessary sentimentality. For the avoidance of doubt, to say goodbye to a striker near to quota thirty-two years is not an act of treason, but an attitude of absolute security.

Tevez to Boca Junior is an act of faith rather than an agreement on the market. Carlitos knows he is closer to the end of his career than any other bomber in double figures still in business. Before the decline is better to leave Europe to make up for some minor inaccuracy or some muscle boredom.

Pointing to Dybala means reviving the ambitions of a team that wants to win not only in the immediate but plan its future fortune nationally and internationally. Dybala is the prototype of the modern attacker, talented but not physically weak. Well planted, much less lightweight than you might think.

The decision to bring forward the competition has thus eroded the positive comments, giving way to the usual and mischievous policy of fierce criticism. After all, as Paolo Conte sang in the song “Sparring partner”,  must be given time to time …

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