Paulo Dybala spoke to the microphones of Francesco Cosatti on Sky Sport.

Paulo tell us how was your return to Palermo, as it was back in your city, maybe you saw your friends. It’s been the hairdresser to find, the stadium, your emotions back to Palermo …
“It was nice because when I arrived at the hotel I found friends, the former teammates was nice to see everyone. Even the people who worked in Palermo for me. It was really nice.”

Even the game?
“Yes, because then we played well in the match. Juventus have played their game during the 90 minutes. I think that the result was fair.”

The top at – 7, the A.S. Rome at -3 and for the first time are in the area Europe, is Juventus back?
“I think we’re doing the right matches. We dealt with all the games at the same pace without underestimating any team. That’s led us to win so many games in a row.”

Having a bad start can be a sort of super motivation. One argument that has arrived, because you know that you have to win them all substantially …
“I think we had a big change from last year. We got many new players and it was not easy to restart. But now that we’re all used to it and we all know what the coach asks us to do. We know that we have to work on this road and we know that if we continue like this with all the desire to move forward, I think that Juve can get where we want to be. “

One of your teammate is going through a complicated time namely Alvaro Morata, however, was the first to hug you after your goal against Milan, because he was not playing at the time. I ask  you how do you see him, how is he , how do you his teammates see him?
“Well. Alvaro is a great player. It’s like you said it was the first to embrace me, then you see how he as a person, as a companion and everyone love him and want his own good. He always gives when he enters the maximum. Definitely will come back to do what he did in the last games of last year. Because we need him”

Allegri said two months ago that you had to grow and also improve and you too, just to us on Sky Sport, you told that in fact you have a good relationship with the coach and you worked in this direction. Today he compliments you and talks about a player grew, improved, and also of a different striker, more the connector than the first striker, how do you feel?
“I as I told you earlier this year, I have come here to continue to grow and to become a great player and a great man. I try to always do what the coach asks me. Workout after workout, match after match, so I have his confidence, that of others. So when I left the field, I always try to do my best and do what they ask me. “

Against Lazio you have already scored in the Super Cup in August, but this is a different team, we can say that even in the crisis what game should we expect?
“It will definitely be a very difficult game, just for the fact that they are in crisis and want to get out right now, so we will find a very charged Lazio. Then when playing against Juve all teams want to win. So it won’t be an easy game however, we will address how we dealt with every game. Like with Manchester or against Palermo. We will go to Rome to bring the three points at home, to play well and play our game. “