Paulo Dybala two years ago wasn’t on the pitch when Juventus played against Barcelona in the Champions League Final. Nevertheless Paulo wants his revenge with the Spanish side.

“The penalty? I felt more pressure with Milan because of the duel with Donnarumma, and because it was in the last minute. I’m happy for the goal but mainly because we won and advanced to the next stage.”

“The level in the competition is now increasing: Everyone left is strong and plays good football. No matter the opponent, we’ll still try and make it until the end.

“Juventus is capable of winning: With this team, we can’t help but think that we are capable of reaching the final.”

“I’d like to face Barcelona in the final. It would make things even for what happened two years ago. I don’t care about avoiding them and Real Madrid, all I care about is Juventus.”

“I’ll try to win and score regardless of our opponent”.