First they tried with Antonio Conte destroying his image, and so, unfortunately it went wrong, the repentant clockwork is failing and only fools think he is guilty. After Conte have tried with Pepe and Bonucci, sorry, red light. The latest invention of the web anti-Juventus touches the trainer Julio Tous Fajardo which at Juventus is responsible for muscle strengthening and that some “gurus” of the web (few and unprepared) would bring an aura of suspicion of doping at Juventus. Who writes these things is clearly ignorant.

Ignores the fact that in Spain Julio Tous is a respected professional and at Barcelona did a great job. Ignores the fact that on this person was never thickened any shadow except those invented by anti-juventinità. We have given little attention to these articles because the people who write these things do not even know what they are saying. Do not even know what means the word work and probably have never even seen a training of Juventus, as before one of Barcelona and one of Nadal, perhaps not even know that Nadal has had great problems with his knees and perhaps for this has dropped his atp ranking, nothing else.  

We call them ignorant, but we would like to define them in another way … 


 Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS