WTF Benassi? Do you want me to get angry? Do you think you are Superman or something? THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE, YOU MF!

No use denying that the disappointment is great, the draw yesterday compels us to go to Trieste with more tension. The match against Lecce allowed Juve lowering the jolly, nobody wanted to do it, and also showcased some defect of Juve

Someone has already passed from enthusiasm to deep depression, luckily the team of Conte has already shown to be able to handle the emotions: a little less for a few fans. There were those who actually put the title on their Facebook profile, there are those who are now struggling with a depression and an incredible skepticism. 

Now, even more than usual, serves to balance and feel your affection to the players who must set off again with the grit, determination and desire to take a bite of Scudetto that is still there. The error of Superman Buffon, who paid the excess of security and the voltage drop of all the team, made ​​us understand the meaning of everything can happen that may seem a cliché, a statement superstitious, but which can be tremendously and wonderfully beautiful. 

By now, we’ve turned the page, serves calm, cool and anger without panicking. In this way we will write history.

adapted by: Mike Prise