Bought from Fiorentina for 25 million the Brazilian Felipe Melo has completely failed and disappointed the bianconero people, in his first season in Turin, under the guidance of Ferrara and Zaccheroni. At this year the strong defensive midfielder has instead played a positive season, succeeding at least to limit the damage of a poorly managed Juventus of a new disastrous season.

After a seventh place is difficult to define someone from Juventus as one of the best, but at least one of the least worst of last season  Felipe Melo fits easily: the Brazilian was put to bear alone the midfield and in certain situations he also managed to do it, fortunately the disastrous Juventus midfielder in his first season has not been seen since then. To Felipe Melo was not granted even to catch his breath for a single match, when it was available he was all the time placed in the field for the full 90 minutes, in the ideas of Delneri, Sissoko had to be his alternate but Malian has been out through injury for almost the entire season and in January has not arrived even one midfielder so Marchisio and Aquilani always had to play.

As well with Ferrara as with Delneri there have always been heard remarkable and very embarrassing misunderstandings at the tactical level, especially in the “Hotspot” of the field. These technical errors, the result of a team badly constructed, first by Secco and then by Marotta, occurred adversely and affected the performance of Felipe Melo, and not only him. With Ferrara, Juventus has adopted a tactical module as a diamond while not having the players that can play that way, so Melo was put in the position to be “REGISTA“, having to maintain a role in front of the defense that didn’t suit him well for his inability to hold the position and proverbial limitation to start the action of the play.

With Delneri for Melo the situation is somewhat improved but the Brazilian has had to cover for two, as the only real defensive midfielder of the team and who retrieved balls has always been him. Aquilani as well as Marchisio have features as central midfielders and all three have almost inevitably found themselves to play in positions they weren’t suited as a logical consequence of the strange and wrong way to build the transfer for the midfield unit.

In order to Felipe Melo plays better must be accompanied by a player similar to Emerson, a demonstration was given by Dunga when it was placed together with Brazilian defenisve midfielder Gilberto Silva, currently the best player as an ideal shoulder for Felipe Melo, plays in Barcelona and his is name is Mascherano. The Argentine will certainly remain in Spain and the alternative is represented by the Swiss player, Inler and is very impressive and appropriate. Inler should not exclude Melo, the two should play together to form an insurmountable wall in the midfield and cover the defense in an exemplary manner and not rough and dangerous as was done in recent years.

A winning team, especially in Serie A, can’t play WITHOUT at least two strong defensive midfielders,  physically strong and good to stop the opponent play, is the history that teaches us.

by Fabrizio Lo Gerfo