Juventus has started well, well in the game, good in results even if the truth between Bologna and Catania are missing two points. The character is, the desire as well. The only thing missing from this team seems to be a little bit of fantasy. The only genius with a lamp attached is Andrea Pirlo seriously enchanting all. Play, heart, desire, clarity and good running. 

The fans have already turned over a candle so that his condition remains the same.Meanwhile Conte should definitely consider the alternatives so that the switch is not just one. Opponents have put us two games to realize that Pirlo is pressed and doubled. Gimenez against Bologna and Del Vecchio in Catania have harnessed the Brescia talent for a while, and then capitulate. 

Currently, if Pirlo is turned on Juve lights also, let’s face it. In order not to suffer from alternating current we should illuminate the other.Krasic has to be more enterprising, the same Marchisio that in the second half of Catania has grown, while in the first appeared shy. For strikers is the same thing. Matri has put heart and soul, we want see the same in Vucinic who with Bologna and Siena has appeared to us very, very subdued. Vucinic, as the great Savicevic is GENIUS and recklessness. 

We expect for the next matches a “virtual switch” of this magic lamp, for the rest of season a person alone can not carry it forever. 

 by:Massimo Pavan 
adapted by:Mike Prise