That cleverly shaped ridge with gel, intense and penetrating eyes of gringo bold. It is how presented himself in the second half of mini-game trophy Tim Arturo Vidal, the mysterious object of bianconero market, recently Aggregate at the troops of Mr. Conte in the capacity of central midfielder and a mission to help the team as much as possible.

In front of Milan, just awarded the title, the Chilean has started this lily-trivially losing two balls as the worst of Melo fresh memory and wandering aimlessly for the field in search of an apparent place alongside Pirlo and Pazienza, then suddenly Arturo driven the hindrance to the uncertain onset Roma with his insidious right and everything changed in an instant, with the kind cooperation of the Rossoneri keeper: draw in his pocket, looks and points finger towards the sky to indicate someone up there, with gratitude and relief is there for him.

Since that moment Vidal has spread out much of his repertoire of complete player, running everywhere with tireless energy and proposing himself in varied tactical situations. As a pure striker over his inclusion on the milan defense to try Roma with a double shot, the second deflected against the crossbar in a miraculous way, sailed; as a regista for the cross as a kiss for Matri‘s winning goal at the end of recovery time. Gave the impression of considerable athletic substance passed on to coach, colleagues and fans to be a cool guy who never gives up.

It’s too early to make judgments but the first impression of depth that he will put at risk of Marchisio as a starter was no doubt comforting. It is not easy to descend into a new reality and game mechanics into a team that is already beginning to have a precise physiognomy, Vidal has been able to do naturally, minimizing the initial embarrassment and dressing in a hurry the role as protagonist, with a clear commitment and diligent humility.

The possibility of a true 4-2-4 depend very much on the contribution that Vidal will give especially in terms of dynamism and willingness to sacrifice, to ensure some balance to the team and allow the team to withstand the simultaneous presence of four offensive players. Arturo, then, seems to combine quantity and quality in his play and have an innate flexibility that will allow Conte to implement him in multiple roles, depending on the needs dictated by the inevitable unavailability that it will be necessary to cope during the season.

A precious jolly, in short, on the carpet of the new season.

Welcome, Arturo!

by:Carlo Vassotto
adapted by: Mike Prise