In the TV show “20 anni di Equipe du dimanche” of Canal+, specially presented by Zidane, Didier Deschamps said in an interview the followings :
“When I left Marseille I had 3-4 proposals …. at that time, when you had a proposal from Germany, England, Spain and Italy, you did not think 2 times …it was Italy … no ifs, ands or buts. … I will never forget what Juventus has given to me, this club is my family,

I can not explain what I have inside when I think of Juventus colours, l’Avvocato once said “if Deschamps scores it really means that we are the strongest in the world” and I scored against Parma in the championship game (which for him was very strange to score) … when I went to Chelsea was a shock …. Juventus is my career … “