The former coach of Palermo and Lazio, Delio Rossi, guest of honor of “Speciale calciomercato” of Sportitalia, spoke about the new signing of Juventus, Stephan Lichtsteiner, a player he knows well, having coached in his experience on the bench Biancocelesti . Here are his statements, taken from

“I’m not into the merits of the economic assessment, also because I honestly am not a pharmacist, I do not have the sling and it’s not my job, so I can’t give an assessment. I can talk about Lichtsteiner , the boy. I can also tell an anecdote to show who that guy is.

It happened only once in my career … We have already started the pre-season training, Walter Sabatini calls me and he tells me that Lichtsteiner and his agent wanted to talk with me. He was freed from Lille with Article 17 and had to choose the new team. Before he choose, however, he wanted to know the coach. I said: ‘See Walter in Italy it does not work like that. It’s usually the other way, is the coach who wants to know the player. Not the player that goes to know the coach, and if doesn’t like the coach then he can choose another team. It does not work in Italy.’

So I went pretty well prevented at this appointment with him, his brother and the agent Pastorello. And I must say however that he was right, because quite rightly wanted to know what position I would put him, what type of training would have been done, if he had a chance to grow. I find this very professional. He is Swiss from this point of view of, which is a German.

And I think he has grown so much. He is a fullback who has a decent boost phase, has also much improved on defense phase. He seems ready for an important place like Juve. Then it depends on how Conte wants to use him. Cassani the ideal replacement
Lichtsteiner at Lazio? They are two different players. Cassani is much more technical than Lichtsteiner. Maybe even a little something to improve on defense, but we’re talking about a Italian National. From a technical standpoint, however, you have a regista who plays on the right wing. Cassani is very good at finishing, closure of the cross, but also the last step. They are two different players, but I’m talking about an Italian national and a Swiss national. Are not the same characteristics as: Cassani is surely more offensive than Lichtsteiner “.

adapted by: Mike Prise