SYDNEY (Australia) – Joys, sorrows, difficulties, pleasant news. In an interview to ‘GDS’, Alessandro Del Piero says everything but everything of his new experience overseas. The adventure has just begun with Sydney, the onset has been and now is already a star. Of course, to Juventus has left his heart even though he dreamed of a different farewell: “I came here to experience something different and I want to take every opportunity to challenge. Is an added value not only for football but for the family. Here the football has great potential and everything is so peaceful and free in spite of the popularity, it is like I am embracing the world. I had many offers but the economic aspect did not interest me. For me it is a fourth football life. the first time in the locker room I had to sing ‘in the blue painted blue'”. 
Sorrows“At the farewell party supporters have gone further, fantastic. Buffon also envied me. Nobody ever told me that I would never play for Juventus, but I understood it. The goodbyes always leave a bad taste in my mouth. The things change but it remains the satisfaction of having given so much. The silence of Agnelli? left me indifferent. “

Let’s go back to that moment, he never talked about.
“No one told me that I would never play for Juve, but I understood. I see the board with my number and I ask, “But really I have to say goodbye? Really I come out for the last time from the stadium?”. I bow down towards the four stands, I greet my family in the box and I go out. I wanted to focus more, but I remember what I said about the sense of responsibility and duty. Here you are. I said “Ale, go on the bench and stay there. ‘”

Have you ever thought that would end this way?
“No. A year and a half ago I would never have said. Then things change. It remains the great satisfaction of having given to Juventus everything I could. “

Ale, how much counted that video message? Would you do it again?
“Of course I would do it again. The right question would be: “Why I had to do that video message?”. And the answer is simple: there were too many rumors about my contract. I wanted to clarify that I did not have money problems and duration. I just wanted to stay at Juventus. “


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