There are records that will remain etched in history. One of the most important week in the life of Juventus is open with a long interview and beautiful with Alessandro Del Piero to GB Olivero’s “La Gazzetta dello Sport.” 
The Bianconeri captain is about to experience yet another season, possibly the last, treading the pitch of the new stadium, the fourth of his adventure in Turin. But now the thoughts are all facing the imminent future: 
“It ‘s been a long journey and I’m glad this day has arrived. At the Delle Alpi I was fine, but I had already lived with joy in the transformation of the Comunale to Olympic and the return at that stadium: it seemed a good choice for the city and club. Now, coming into our house, I hope we create that special feeling with the fans that could give us a big hand. Here, if the public really become the famous twelfth man we can go beyond our limits. “
The hope and the wish that Alessandro makes to the new stadium is special:
“I hope that the new implant will absorb the energy of the winner of the Delle Alpi: it is what we all want to happen.” 
A implant in which there is a great protagonist, the hero of many magical nights and countless victories. The same that it hopes to achieve with the Conte. Comparisons with the first coming of Lippi’s Juventus back in 1994-1995 on the bench are wasted and the hope of Del Piero can be that history will repeat: 
“The interpretation of what we do is crucial and determines who we really are. We must be more united to try to get good results. It must be said that if you do everything right you surely win. But surely if you do it all wrong you won’t win. To get best results we need humility, pride, spirit of sacrifice, responsibility “. 
Antonio Conte is the third former teammate after Deschamps and Ferrara, who coaches Del Piero. The relationship with the current technician is so strong that Alessandro describes perfectly the character of the coach: 
“HE’s a hammer, has clear ideas, is determined, shiny in his ideas that seeks to convey.”
We start, however, after two consecutive seventh place: a new re-start which needs to have a single goal.”The consciousness of having given the maximum should not be a goal, but the rule. Is unthinkable that this does not happen. And if we raise the bar, our attitude must be positive and not linked only to the daily games. We must live each day trying to give and demand the most. And if the best is not enough you have to give more than the maximum. “. 
To achieve this will be another important ingredient: 
“The fun is important because it allows you to create something special between the players and the public. If this feeling was born, the environment helps a lot.” 
So many goals scored by Del Piero in the Delle Alpi and old Olimpico, but some nights to remain imprinted in his heart: 
“At the Delle Alpi were so many that it is impossible to indicate one: two with Real, a 4-1 at Milan. At Olimpico another challenge with Real, but also that of my goals in 200 ° at Juventus against Frosinone in throughout the ride in Serie B that I remember with enthusiasm.” 
And who knows what will be the emotions that will try to take the field in the new stadium in what could be his last season at Juventus, 
“It is often thought to, but knowing that might be the last year makes me give 200% . I live football in a total manner, spontaneous, animal. Everything that happens to me every day I try to use it to make sure to be better the next day. I have not yet decided whether it will be the last year for Juve or lifetime. ” 
Awareness is only one: that of being part of a great adventure.

“I feel pleasant character in the history of Juve and I’m very proud. I will be happy to remember this adventure in twenty years.”