TURIN, September 13, 2012 – In the field of sportsmen has always united: in spite of Alessandro Del Piero was the flag of Juventus, everyone has praised the legendary class which has earned standing ovations in many temples of football. As a public figure the former number 10 of Juventus, who today will fly to Australia in Sydney, after 19 years seasons at Juventus, risks to break the political class in Turin, divided between assign or not honorary citizenship. Matter of faith that goes beyond the sides and even within the same party representatives, including signatures of support swapped in and out, only to stiffen the discussion at the meeting of the leaders groups of the City of Turin. 
THE FACTS To launch the proposal was the Fabrizio Ricca, involving mainly the opposition – PDL in the head – in the collection of signatures needed (eleven), but has not come to terms with the split between Juventus and Granata. Because behind every politician always beats the heart of a fan. And so, if the Democratic Party if they have washed their hands not showing great interest (“Why to a player, there are many other personality” the thinking of the majority, inclined to continue the line of sobriety), a fracture was felt in 5 stars movement and in Italy of Values. 
THE FRACTURE Chiara Appendino, a former Juventus employee, signed the proposal arousing the displeasure of the party colleague Vittorio Bertola, avid granata. And in the end decided to remove the signature “because there is no unanimity of purpose.” The protagonists reject the internal fighting. “If there is not The agreement of all – says the leader Bertola – it is useless to submit the proposal. If it were rejected in the courtroom will create much fuss … “. Same case between Giovanni Porcino, unique in the majority to support Ricca and Giuseppe Sbriglio, true to Toro. “But I would vote yes in the courtroom – says the former Councillor for Sport – but I would deny the premise that exalts and then you attack Juventus.” 
IN PLENARY In the end, the proposal is on the agenda of the city council on Monday, although the discussion will be delayed because other motions are pending. Meanwhile, the League Ricca is probing the Red Room to find out if he gets the yes of the two-thirds of its directors. Of course, you want to avoid that Del Piero is sabotaged: would be bad to the champion of San Vendemmiano who has never renounced its Venetian origins, however, has chosen as his city Turin. 

 Source: Tuttosport (article by Marina Salvetti)

 Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS