Alessandro Del Piero held a press conference Friday, 25.05.20012, in Turin to announce the next page in his career. It wasn’t the discussion as anticipated to announce his next club. 

Here is the chronicle of this conference: 

10:15 – Outside the hotel, “Principi di Piemonte” are coming the first Juventus fans, with shirts, scarves and some signs. 

10:25 – Here is Lapo Elkann, who today will present the initiative ADP10 along with Alessandro Del Piero. The Juventus captain has not yet arrived. 

10:30 – Lots of reporters in the hotel conference room. We still lack the star Alessandro Del Piero. 

10:40 – The press conference will start late. Is expected the arrival of the Juventus captain. 

10:50 – Alessandro Del Piero just arrived, immediately surrounded by photographers. Soon off the conference. 

10:55 – The Captain wears a pair of sunglasses. 

11:00 – Start the conference of Alex Del Piero. 

11:10 – Lapo Elkann: “EARNED SCUDETTO, TO BAD FOR THE CUP”. 

11:15 – Lapo Elkann: “Del Piero has done a lot for Juve, I wish him well” 

11:25 – DEL PIERO:”In the upcoming days, I’ll make an analysis of all opportunities and luckily, I’ll do it in the sun. On holiday. Then I’ll decide where to play next year. Surely, it will be abroad. My situation is different than that of Didier Drogba. He has already changed teams more times. He tried different types of football. I don’t have any preconceptions. I don’t think of playing in the Champions League or a particular league. I’ll select the ideal situation for me. My family will follow me. From Italy, I thank the clubs who have come forward to sign me. Even more than one time. But obviously, my future in Italy can’t be with another shirt (team).” 

“I’m happy to live among the clouds in this time. It’s a colorful way to describe the feeling of still not having taken in all that is happening and what has occurred. I experienced everything at 100 percent. To win the Scudetto was the utmost express of joy and satisfaction. The send-off by the fans against Atalanta gave me the chills. I only looked not to cry. I understood that it was a special moment. I continue to receive signs of esteem from fans (and outside of the hotel was at least 30 fans who were supporting a contract renewal). Their affection is one of the most important trophies that I’ve ever won.When I was a child, I never dreamed about the end of my career. I dreamed of winning. If I could replay two games? I’d like to replay all of them. They were years of emotions and victories that gave me a sense of great fullness.” 

 “I said good-bye to my teammates who departed for the national team. In these years between us was created a rapport that won’t go away with my farewell. We shared unique experiences. From the Serie B to the World Cup in the same year (2006). In a team, there isn’t only a captain. All are decisive who assume responsibility. Juventus of today is in great hands. With Buffon, Chiellini and Marchisio. But also Pirlo. Players of charisma and personality. Del Piero will remain captain the same way that Pinturicchio will always remain for Gianni Agnelli.” 

“I hope that the number 10 can be less of a possible burden after me. I hope that whomever wears it can begin a glorious career like mine. And even more so. I’ve really had so much that I would never want it to be retired. One remains in the heart of people even if his shirt isn’t retired. This way, every child can dream of day of wearing it. Have I considered a future as a director at Juventus? It’s a discussion only mentioned in the media. Up until now, I’ve only discussed Del Piero, the footballer. It’s still too soon for other discussions. I’ve never thought of that.” 

adapted by: Mike Prise