Alex Del Piero in the day in which he turns 37 springs, issues a lengthy interview to ‘France Football’ in the course of which he speaks of his future, not excluding even a stay at Juventus for another year: “You never know,” and especially “I do not set myself limits, “said Del Piero. 

 Among the most popular destinations accredited to the media, his future may be in France and England. Alps, Del Piero could be drawn to the project Blanc-Leonardo: “I have special ties with this country. I have had many teammates and even a French coach. ” 

 In England, the team that would want him badly is Tottenham, but Alex continues to like Manchester United: “I like the spirit, the atmosphere, the stadiums like Old Trafford” and again: “The attitude of the fans. What could be more beautiful than to see fans of both teams go to the stadium without any problems? “. 

Despite the many European voices, some are sure that Alex will end up in America, a country that Del Piero admires: “The sport at the highest level and an expression of beauty. In Los Angeles and Orlando I watched the NBA finals and I enjoyed going to the NFL and MLB games. “

 Finally, a thought for the city that adopted him, Turin: “I and Turin grew up together. Turin is my city, where I spent half of my life and where I have all my affections. “