We would have liked a week to talk about for days and days of the challenge on Saturday night. Instead it will be enough from today, Thursday and Friday to Saturday as well with the hours before the challenge. The bad Juventus will go into the that they have at least six-point lead over prescriti that for this moment I will call with their name that wearers of others championships. 

Oh yes the challenge on Saturday what we do not want to lose, we say it now. We want to see the same Juventus as last year with prescriti , with the same view of heart and determination as with Milan. For the players to understand the position of the fans just read the cards in the process Farsopoli. Today Bergamo said under oath of the important and serious things if they were true. 

 We know only one thing: Saturday eleven men who want to fight for the story, because for the first time since 2006 the story is different at the end of the Farsopoli effect. You can you give us one night with an antique flavor.