Because I always like to say the whole truth… this is the other side of the coin of Felipe Melo…as our dear Claudio tells him a few but important words in a small letter that I hope and I am sure he will read it…

“Dear Felipe,

From Brazil you send us relaxing vacation photos and messages of love to Mourinho and reminded everyone that Juve lacks champions like you.

A few days later you issued a lengthy interview in which you reaffirmed to be a champion that improves the team, you transfer where you decide and that Juve lacks of respect towards you and you do not deny the all the transfer talks about you!

Dear Felipe,


I think that your departure from the Viola locker room has not pulled out their hair and that the two years in Torino have elapsed with highs and lows.


A player like you, paid 25 million, has to prove a lot more.


I still think you’re a good midfielder, but you’re between a common midfielder and a regista and, above all, who has not yet figured out what it means to wear the colors of Juventus.


Dear Felipe,


Your next coach will be, perhaps (in case you don’t leave us), Antonio Conte transfered at a young age from Lecce, who has worked hard, won so much and talked so little.

In the summer he was not often figured in the starting lineup of the newspapers, but he knew how to beat the competition and win a place im front of high level players.

Dear Felipe,


Believe me, if you want to make a mark at Juventus, you should begin taking a example from the old captain Antonio Conte.


With bianconero love


P.S I still think that he is a very good player …