After the Sturaro deal was already completed for a while now, last evening was the day of Matri‘s return to Juventus.
here are the insights of his return and why Osvaldo won’t return to Juventus.
Juve takes Matri and Osvaldo ends humiliated on the wool thread. It is late evening when the Italo-Argentine manages to find an agreement to get rid from Inter, but above all it is too late, even though it was considered the first choice after Zaza, armored by Sassuolo. Marotta, at that point, had already communicated to Genoa to have dissolved the last reserves: “Relax, we take Alessandro back to us.” It was late afternoon.
Inter have pulled the rope too much, with Juventus, putting spokes in the wheels of the player and the Bianconeri, just to try to bring home 500 thousand euro (the condition of these last days to give the green light to the transfer of Osvaldo).