TURIN – Denying the evidence we can not, however, doing so will bring benefits to Vinicius Prates. Indeed the Agent of Leandro Damiao confirmed yesterday with no reticence that he was in recent days at the headquarters in Corso Galileo Ferraris to continue the conversation started in early November, during the Brazilian mission of Fabio Paratici . “It’s true, I met with the leaders of Juventus, but there’s nothing official.” So far everything ok. The negotiation between the player and Juventus is definitely well underway, but the one with Internacional of Porto Alegre will take his time and, as always at these levels, is not without obstacles. While the next saying is really tactic : “It was an informal conversation.” As Turin was almost a stone’s throw from Porto Alegre, where Prates resides. 

MANY CLUES Is objective that account of Brazilian striker the Juventus executives are trying to take advantage from the competition. That, according to Prates, is large and fierce: “Is normal that big teams look with interest at Damiao. We have received calls from several clubs across Europe. Real Madrid and others. Inquire about the players is part of the dynamics of football.” In fact, as we wrote yesterday, the greatest danger for Juve is currently represented by Arsenal. 

THE PROMISE Prates on the other hand is held away from economic issues: “Juve is a great club, it would be an honor for Leandro to play for Juve. Obviously there is interest on our part. I can not speak of money, are matters that concern club. It’s up to them to find an agreement.” But the gloss is almost a promise: “Is possible that next year Leandro plays in Italy.” Guess with what shirt on him … 

source: tuttosport.com 
adapted by: Mike Prise