Some cheered to the goal of Chelsea (I wonder why … then), others have cursed, but some were indifferent. “Definitely may be”, to use the words of an Oasis album, definitely maybe, we could say. Definitely, because the European way now requires more points to qualify (in case of a draw for Chelsea was enough the victory with the Blues). May be, because Juventus can not expect to be able to pass their group without having beaten at least one big (Shakhtar or Chelsea). Regardless of the challenge of London, who wants to do well in the Champions League must at least overcome a big, so is a duty to win a big game.

The victory of Chelsea allows Juventus to search the qualification in two ways: win or draw, regardless of the opponent. If Chelsea had drew with the Ukrainians, however a draw with the Londoners would have been, however, a negative result.  Juventus must think only of their own way aware that the lost points in Denmark must be recovered with an undertaking that compensates for that mini “debacle”. Buffon’s words yesterday were the wiser: “Juventus master of its own destiny.” In fact it is so: this Juventus has two knockout games to do, goal a win and a draw, the opponent does not matter, if you want to get ahead in the Champions do not need half-measures, the big teams are based on super-games, teaches the past and Antonio Conte knows it… very well.

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan