Also Chiellini talked in the Press Conference: “Buffon has not been touched by the words of Beckenbauer. We look forward to getting on the field tomorrow. Our fans live and breathe the atmosphere of the air, there is great desire and the public will help us make a great game. It would be madness to throw to the boarding, we will do our game. Were good in the first leg to cover our passing lanes due to the intensity they had, higher to us, putting us in difficulty. We reviewed all the game and also individually, we have prepared to remedy the situation to their pressing and will need a different vein. “

Heynckes praised Juve. Conte thanked and refer to the postgame: “We give thanks for the nice words Heynckes adressed towards us, I hope that tomorrow at a press conference may say ” I told you so!” A game like this exist into the past of Conte? “No,  do not come to mind similar ones. I think that the way has been shown by their great attention and competitive nastiness and intensity, they made the game that we should do tomorrow in every way, we hope to be lucky even in episodes such as the 2-0 offside and the failure to expel Ribery, under this point of view, we hope to be lucky. “

“We will try to make a different game than the first leg, we got comparison and have a lot and studied in some detail and in more precise and we have to put something in the field that we lacked, a little ‘for the environment, a little ‘for the thickness of the game, a bit’ for all – says the coach to the question how to face Bayern – The evening of Quagliarella? I hope it is the night of all the players of Juventus because we need everyone, not the individual because is unlikely to win a team if there is not a group that enhances the quality. I hope it’s all Juve to be exalted. Anelka has had this problem in the calf and from eve of Pescara has not trained with us for a family problem, it didn’t gave me the impression that he has given up and I hope I do not see it on any player. “