Do you trust the judges will evaluate the cards?
“Yes, I am convinced that they will read the cards carefully avoiding, with the acquittal, an injustice. I have a clear conscience, I do not think can be said the same who threw mud at me. Am I wrong or do we talk about a former player who admitted to having rigged games for years? For heaven’s sake, the phenomenon of match-fixing should be struck down. But you can not disqualify a person in this way, without any feedback. Anyone can get up, pointing the finger at someone and send it to slaughter. I trust the judges, of the system less. ” 
Could you explain better. 
“A change is fundamental: If for absurdity I killed people, the Juventus fan would be the same ready to defend myself. For others the opposite is true. But this story goes beyond factions. I want people to know that such a thing can happen to anyone. So when the prosecution will have finished the investigation, I think the FA should ask whether the current rules of the sport process are respectful of the defense of a licensee and of publicly traded companies. I think we can combine the struggle to the combine with a hearing less summary: it seems normal that where the defenders did not have the opportunity to cross-examine at least a repentant considered credible even when he contradicts himself clearly? The collaborators are protected disproportionately. “ 
Do you remember what you felt when for the first time he heard his name associated with the match-fixing? 
“Almost I sat down to laugh. I had taken lightly. Everything changed with the raid. ” 
Came a few weeks after the title win. In a press conference he had used harsh words against the prosecutors in Cremona. After almost three months what would you say? 
“Only I know the pain I felt that day. I was not home, but there was my little girl and her grandmother. Do you know what he said a cop to my mother-in-law that wondered why? Ask your son in law why. He said that, almost contemptuously. Here, not having done anything I can’t ever give an answer to my mother-in-law. The lawyers have told me that this was to be done, but that does not soothe a wound that will remain open for a lifetime. ” 
To gazzetta the pm Martin has said that his position (under investigation for criminal association) should be archived. And the credibility of a repentant must be assessed case by case. Do you think the sports justice did it? 
“Not having found evidence to the allegations, the logic would require an acquittal. And justice must be logical. History teaches us that the great names raise the value of collaboration and perhaps allow plea bargains bargain to those who accuse. ” 
You declare yourself innocent. Why should people believe you? Why would Carobbio decided to invent charges for the races with Novara and AlbinoLeffe? Had denied him permission to attend the birth of his daughter: enough to explain everything? 
“Even here I struggle to find a response. Sure, going back in time I would rate it more carefully the request. Childbirth is an important moment in the life of a couple. ” 
According to Carobbio you had announce the combined draw during the technical meeting, in front of the whole team …
“Senseless accusation. Would I have been so stupid as to render ridiculous and blackmailed by 25 players? The same Carobbio refers to my speech: intense and full of motivation. And after encouraging them I concluded by saying “anyway we will draw”? But what’s the point? “.
The other companions, with sworn testimony, have denied this version, but the referral for failure to report came only to the technical staff. For legal choice difficult to understand. 
“I’ll go further: it is impossible to understand.” 
Gervasoni, another repentant, said the race with Novara was combined some players before the start. Carobbio gives the same version on two occasions in Cremona, then changes in front of Palazzi and the prosecution. Is one of the inconsistencies on which insists his defense. 
“Let me explain the importance of the fact: two repentant considered credible tell different things about Novara- Siena. Having no other evidence, a version supersedes the other. And then Carobbio continued to change his statement to chameleon, other than enrichment as Palazzi. defined them The last adjustment is arrived, coincidentally, three days before my audition. Carobbio is not really a true collaborator but a subject that is being defended. If you want I can give some examples. ” 
Please do. 
“He says to Palazzi have broke off relations with the Slavs because at Siena did not want to combine the matches and instead he heard with them, even before the races with a fake card. His theme is clear: to try to shift the focus on others. Not to mention that made to means also on the front Bari. “
The fact remains that the prosecutor of Cremona there are 8 games suspicious of Siena as you trained. You never had any doubt? 
“Not only have I had the feeling, but I do this one thing. You have to understand what is my relationship with the team and collaborators: am not a friend of the players, the roles are clearly separated. There has always been in awe of me. It’s an intense relationship, but a functional to goal. Off the field everyone has their own life. That’s why this kind of news could never reach me so will it be for the future. If something has happened, has happened behind me. “ 
The combine with AlbinoLeffe involving his former assistant Stellini: he bargained suspension, admitting he asked Carobbio to contact opponents. For the sports justice you could not know … 
“I was appalled before to this motivation: does not prove anything. It ‘s just the separation of roles in explaining things. Stellini kept me in the dark because he knew what would be my reaction. It ‘s true, I have a difficult character. For a time it should help me. But … “. 
Were you disappointed by what Stellini did? 
“I was very angry with Cristian. I’m sorry to have lost him as an assistant. He’s going through a difficult time: by resigning demonstrated a sense of responsibility. From the point of view of human the affect remains, it is clear that his actions have put me in trouble and damaged. ” 
Palazzi disputes two other passages: he would put out rose Mastronunzio because he refused to “give” the victory at AlbinoLeffe; Carobbio said that she would leave the players the choice whether or not to make the combine. 
“Mastronunzio was no longer the holder from March for technical choice and then the last few races I could not use him because he was hurt. As to the second allegation, it all falls upstream: movements between Stellini Carobbio and I knew nothing. Of what I had to talk about? “. 
About Stellini: from prosecutors in Bari disturbing details emerge also in the period in which he trained there. Are you calm? 
“Of course. I have learned this news from newspapers, no communication from the judges. ” 
Investigations of Cremona, Naples and Bari have brought to light a football sick. The investigating judge Salvini has pointed the finger at the players: wrong mentality and custom of “give” matches, especially at the end of the season, are fertile ground for irregularities.
“On objectives achieved, relaxation is natural. But that does not mean allowing criminals to ruin football. ” 
So “better two wounded then a dead” is an exit unhappy? 
“If the phrase refers to a sports situation, where each team independently and tacit seeks and finds a pleasing result, there may be. However, if we understand it as a result planning, it is unacceptable. ” 
Football Parentheses. Juve from champion to surprise favorite team: Super Cup Trofeo Berlusconi and are a good start … 
“We got off on the right foot. Winning increases the awareness and enriches the dashboard. The triangle on the shirt empowers us, but it is the natural role of Juve. The Champions League? We aim to be competitive on all fronts. ” 
Happy with the transfer market? 
“For now, yes. We did what we had planned. Now we’ll complete the rose. Who do I choose between Llorente and Dzeko? There is harmony with Marotta. The top player must not only be for the cost. Someone will come. ” 
Milan without Ibra and Thiago Silva seems weakened, inter did not do follies on the market, the Roma could lose De Rossi. 
“In a time of economic crisis, our technicians have a great opportunity to demonstrate that the ideas and the organization of the game can fill the gap, especially with the foreign teams.” 
Mazzarri says that a connoisseur of football could never consider as well-deserved, the victory of Juventus in Beijing? 
“Everyone sees things his way. I hear also that the current Juve drew inspiration from Mazzarri. You can copy the numbers, but it is certainly very different mentality, way of dealing with the competition, the desire to be proactive, the principles of the game. Should I continue? “. 
You gave the welcome back to Zeman in A. Did you changed your mind … 
“No, I wil wait. I will see the verdict of the field. ” 
Italy came to an unexpected final in the European: for many people it is also about his mentality inculcated to the players. 
“I think Prandelli has done well to rely on a block that had done great things in the league, based on a precise work culture. Then the c.t. it has done his. I enjoyed watching a proactive National team.  Spain, however, is the model to follow. ” 
There were voices of his possible resignation and problems in the club … 
“In this sad story, the major positive point is that everyone in the company were close to me in human terms, suporting me at all times. Never thought of resigning and even John Elkann, President Agnelli and Director Marotta have never considered this hypothesis. ” 
Saturday starts the championship of Juve … And his? 
“I repeat again the confidence in judges, my presence in the courtroom was just a sign of respect towards them. I sniffed the air of this process, I listened to my lawyers and the rejoinder of Palazzi. From what I’ve heard I am very calm and confident: against Parma I hope to return on the bench. ” 
source: GdS (by Francesco Ceniti) 

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