ROME, July 27, 2012 – In the order for referral are contained excerpts of the hearings conducted in federal prosecutors. We publish the most significant relating to Conte
Antonio Conte, July 13: “I exclude that I have ever told the players that the draw would have been a good result because, in this case, I would have canceled out all my motivational work (…) Did not granted the permission (to Carobbio) as it was essential to prepare well, having to face a big game; Carobbio had nothing to replicate (…) Indeed, the same Carobbio had asked first to Stellini if he should ask permission and Stellini suggested that to go to Bergamo and dial directly from outside, saying that the wife had been rushed in order to be able to stay there; Carobbio, however, apparently preferred to properly come to me, asking for permission, because, otherwise, I would have been very upset; I just recently learned of the bad advice given to Carobbio by Stellini, with whom I am very angry; the same, however, in same circumstances, had to tell me that they gathered the complaints of Carobbio about my lack of humanity, calling me a “man of shit”. On the occasion of Juventus-Siena, subsequently to the news concerning the investigation of Cremona, my companion told me of a conversation  had in the stands with the wife of Vergassola, during which the same reported literally “do you that is making you pay?”, At which point my companion thought to tell me what happened during the party of Brienza’s daughter, where the wife of Carobbio, the presence of the same, she complained to her in a turned tone, and indicated with the index finger because, due to the refusal of permission to the husband, on the occasion of the birth of her daughter had incurred a cost of 1,500 euros.”

source: GdS (extracted article of Francesco Ceniti)

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