Novara, April 30, 2012 – Now that he can run well with the four-cylinder made ​​at Juventus, is a different tune. When pushes, his engine sings and when pushes the ball inside, the CURVA screams as if he had always been one of them. This is the story of Marco Borriello, the late, blossomed by several months of waiting because had moved to Vinovo only in January. Normal, then, that the bomber is in bloom this spring cursed for those allergic to pollen but for the people with joy is stunning black and white, ready for the big bang. After unlocking in the end the match on Wednesday at Cesena with a difficult shot, the fear of to hell to send a draw with the last place, in Novara proof is repeated with a of capital letter, this time from the owner, and a net again although the more spectacular technical coefficient lower. A diving header after getting freed with skills in front of the Fontana to collect precise and soft cross of Giaccherini returned in exultation with a kiss on the neck. 

LOVE BORRIELLO Already, how much love and affection in this Bianconero group which Antonio Conte knew how to mold with the heart and brain, to forge a team of invincibles, as remember the twenty-one wins (including eight in a row in recent games) and fourteen draws. Whether it’s a great team, however, can be understood not only by those numbers as clear as the sun but from the fact that changing the order of factors does not change the product. A law now also applies to the former romanista bomber in the field. The level of fitness achieved allows him to fit into the schemes with lucidity and capitalize the scoring opportunities that arise with the right dose of oxygen to the brain. 

CONTE DOTES Is no coincidence that after the victory of the Manuzzi , on Borriello, has spent words honey coach Antonio Conte. “It ‘s fair that he gets, the right of affection from our supporters.” Yeah, applause and no more whistles, those that have characterized, not so long ago, his exit from the field before the 90th. Marco could really be the man more for this final sprint of the season that includes three more steps although at this rate, the last, could turn into a catwalk in style of tests that characterize the final day of the Tour of Italy. Already when the home game with Atalanta, in sold-out night at the Juventus Stadium could take the weight of the walkway. 

STILL TURIN But goals from Borriello are not only approaching Juventus to the first league title after Farsopoli, are serving as a magnet against the club in Corso Galileo Ferraris as well for his future. If not even a month ago it seemed obvious that his loan would end with the conclusion of the season, now the site has been substantially reversed. Yeah, because Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici are acknowledging, convinced by reports of the technician concerning the giant steps made ​​by the striker. That at this point can feel part of the Juventus  project for next season, among other things that will go in fashion among the fans the tune of the Champions League. Yesterday, before returning to the locker room for halftime, Borriello, still charged for the adrenaline, said: “The exultation of last time was great, however, I am more focused now because I want to do the second goal. We must close this game as soon as possible in the second half. ” Determined and bad just as Conte likes. But he, the coach, particularly likes for how he knows to handle the ball in the penalty area, where when  in form, has an accurate shot. A top player? No, not a top player, but striker with bows, yes. He’s looking forward to being confirmed as he confessed earlier this week. “I hope to return in July to train with these companions.” His desire is meant to be heard. 

source: Tuttosport (by Marco Bo)
adapted by: Mike Prise