Yes, I am shouting! Why? because this is who I am! And I will make this Juve win again and again!
TURIN – The mentality is built day by day, word for word, crap for crap. Conte knows well, that he spent so many days at Juve and heard the words (and shits) of Trapattoni, Lippi and Carlo Ancelotti. He also knows, the Juventus coach, getting caught up in the euphoria or just the satisfaction for the first place alone would be a glaring error. The Juventus from which he was part, lived a rather normal condition being at the first place, to live without any particular emotion. Rather there were home draw like the one against Cagliari who could create havoc confusion in the environment and some yell from the coach. So much so that that the Juventus first in the standings, yesterday morning at Vinovo, has spoken exclusively of everything that did not work properly in the second half against Cagliari. 

Foregone? Not so much, because if this first was the habit, in time has been gradually lost, over the years that followed Farsopoli. The desperate search of the return to top, Juventus did lose the compass that has lost some fundamental points of reference. Beyond the technical choices at least questionable, howlers of the transfer-market, bad luck or incredible number of injuries, the failures of the last five years are to be sought even in the crumbling of that winning mentality that no one inside, between those who had sat on the bench or in club, has been able to revive and cultivate with the necessary application and the necessary ANGER. Yes, ANGER, that animates Conte in a natural way, the only one able to make understand who wears the black and white jersey that you can stop only in front of a title. Until then there is only time to ride. 

But only he has the charisma and the credibility to shout to all players of the squad, with no exceptions. 

adapted by: Mike Prise