Mr. Conte has arrived and immediately gave us the famous “chicchette”. River Press Conference with two important issues to emphasize. The first concerns Conte the person, but about that we do not speak, because our readers know how ardently, passioned, we until now talked about our coach, defending to the hilt of the media massacre, although there was no need.

The second major theme concerns the football appearance and the events of football season. AC Milan, the number one enemy becomes weak and Juventus once again will have to outdo after having given the fans something extraordinary. Antonio Conte has immediately reiterated the point: attention. We must be careful because easy things do not exist, all we remember of Milan gave winner last year, serve as a lesson, this year will be confirmed and many smaller battles and more and more difficult, we know well. Besides, we also know that on AC Milan is currently impossible not to say that it has not weakened, for now, see what happens at 31-08. Meanwhile the chicchetta of Conte tells us that:

“Juventus last year has done something super extraordinary, because the players of 40 to 50 million the others had them, we did not certainly had them. So if Thiago Silva has been estimated 40 million, if Ibrahimovic is evaluated 30 million, meaning that last year we did something really super amazing. And I think it’s difficult to say no to such requests, for what it was at Milan. When they demand you a player and are willing to give 40-45 million, it gets hard, but it is also testimony that the top players, Milan had them. (…). We have been very good at making important foundations, building plans, but the palace is still to be built, because let me say that I feel a bit too much enthusiasm, a bit too much excitement going around. Last year we won the Scudetto and I never forget that two years ago and three years ago we came seventh. So when we talk objectives, we seek to confirm us in Italy, which is an important step for us … it is important to confirm us in Italy. Will face for the first year with this group, the Champions League, trying to deal with great enthusiasm, with great desire from the part of all, trying to make the longest possible path. And the third objective, the Italian Cup … we try to address all the goals with great determination, concentration and nastiness, never forgetting, never, from where we started and what led us to win the Scudetto. If we are good, I for one, never to forget where we come from, then I think that we can take the rewards. “

We’ve missed you CONTE.

source:; by Massimo Pavan