Antonio Conte has analyzed the defeat remedied by his team in Toronto, against Sporting Lisbon
“We were not able to bring the intensity we want, but let’s not forget that yesterday, 42 degrees, we held a session of heavy athletics – the words of the Juventus coach, reported by -. We have to grow and some players must find self-esteem, because after two difficult years, it is inevitable to need more confidence. I liked the commitment of all and the angry reaction that is seen in the second half, because nobody was there to lose. Besides, if we did not want to run the risk of losing we could continue to play against teams of amateurs ….

The hard work done by the team in these first weeks of preparation is more than valid mitigating factor:

“Well these games are against teams of international importance – reiterates Conte – They are more advanced in preparation than we are, seen that they have the preliminaries of Champions and is a very good team. They were fresher, but then we can not think of not training hard, to preserve for the friendly. Indeed, we must move forward with our program, because there is a lot of work. “