TURIN, May 23, 2012 – A good Juventus, strong, European. So imagines (rather: demands) Antonio Conte, who designed the team of the 2012-13 season starting from three essential characteristics: respect to the ones that won the championship, his second Juve will have more quality, more pounds and more centimeters. The guidelines had already been settled for some time, but the final of the Champions League has encouraged the coach: sometimes is sufficient a corner to make a difference and to raise the cup, as demonstrated by Didier Drogba. You can have the greatest game in the world, but if you have less strength, endurance and physicality comes the time when the opponents find the countermeasures and you lose. You can attack and dominate, but the details make the difference at the end. And there is no particular to which Conte, who today is expected to sign a new contract until 2015, does not think. 

The dance of the strikers. The attack, finally, is a puzzle in the sense that could change a lot or a little depending on the development of the market. Certainty is the departure of Del Pieroconfirmation of Vucinic and the arrival of a world class striker. Borriello will not be redeemed to the amount claimed by Rome, but could return to Turin in the case of discount of 50% (ie about 4 million). Matri and Quagliarella have renewed recently, but both are on the market: if it arrives a good offer, leaves at least one. In the new entries of Juve the midfielders will remain important weapon, but the first turning point will be the presence of an attacker able to “win on his own”: an apparent contradiction in the team that brings the chorus of the maneuver and the centrality of the group over individuality, but in fact an unavoidable choice if you want to raise the bar further. Is necessary the champion that solves the complicated situations with a play. Because Chelsea ran, defended and pressed in ten, but without Drogba would not have won the Champions League. And Juve is not back in Champions League with the only goal to participate. 

source: GdS (by G.B. Olivero)
adapted by: Mike Prise