Interviewed by SKY, the Juventus coach Antonio Conte commented on the defeat of Juventus, 2-1 to Real Madrid:

“Juventus did not deserve to go out defeated? Yes, absolutely NOT, and then the new module the team knows the perfection. If we can not play with the 3-5-2 formation, has the ropes to do the 4-3-3. We tried to give more solidity with Caceres to the right because we knew that we would be locked with Ogbonna.
With Real when you attack and lose the ball you have to be tough, or if you attack them high and you are  messy you give space to the likes of Di Maria and Ronaldo and open the doors to a goleada. I think that we have studied the game to perfection, the Real has had the greatest difficulty, also conditioned by episodes. The path in the Champions starts uphill for us, but also in 10 against 11 we have drawn on mental characteristics, with pride that this team has always had and continues to have.”