ROME, October 2, 2012 – The return seems to be closer than expected. Today, in front of the TNAs of Coni, Antonio Conte‘s lawyers argue and probably for the last time, the appeal against the ten-month ban inflicted by two degrees of sports justice to the coach of Juventus. A discussion destined to mark a turn for the technician: the arbitration panel composed of the President Zaccheo and the referees Calvi and De Giovanni, has already reached an agreement in principle on the amount of eternal suffering. that the drafts suggest should run out in 4 months out. A substantial discount that, if confirmed, would make it possible to Conte to return to the bench already 11 December, in time for the race of 16 against Atalanta, and that would make the same punishment to that of the negotiated of another professional, Bortolo Mutti. 
Possible in legal terms: after two omitted complaints the Disciplinary would have considered as a reasonable plea bargain to 4 months and 20 days. Even then demolished, with certificates that prove the injury of Mastronunzio, the most serious charge, who had ventilate the Federal Court (that the exclusion of the player was due to his refusal to combine Albinoleffe-Siena) hypothesis of sporting fraud and the rise of punishment for a mere omission. It can fall a minimum term of six months for failure to report, on the basis of offenses committed before the renewal of the federal court, signed June 9 2011.

The process is therefore intended to close at this time: no reconciliation with the FIGC, Zaccheo should reject the preliminary motions of the Legals, De Rensis, Bongiorno and Chiappero for the examination of witnesses (Mastronunzio and the doctor of Siena), and proceed to trial . To go with the ruling during the week: the deadline expires October 7, already by Friday could reach the verdict. 

source: La Repubblica (by Matteo Pinci)


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