It has recently concluded the press conference by Antonio Conte, Juventus coach, on the eve of the match valid for the second round of the Serie A, that Juventus team will play against Parma in the new stadium property opened just a couple of days ago. 
So Antonio, who will play tomorrow with Parma?
Is still missing a training, if nothing happens I have the whole squad available. Krasic and Vucinic, however, do not have 90 minutes in the legs, and this could affect why, I say now, the games often are decided by whom comes off the bench. 
The team is ready to face this season? 
I do not like to have a few hours to work with the team, whereas all have returned Thursday, but we are ready for this first round of the season while aware that there is considerable room for improvement. 
Who plays forward? Del Piero? 
I repeat that I will take note of who is better understood, for example, it is difficult to give room for Elia and Estigarribia which I’ve seen a couple of times in all since we bought them. Also for Vidal the speech is soft, 5 or 6 workouts are not enough to get a better idea of his potential, as well as not enough to him to understand the movements of the team. In any case I decide today how I will field the team, after training 
What is your position on the case Amauri?
I represent the club, everyone is called to answer for their own attitudes, for the rest we’ll see. 
But you can get the third place?
We are building, we work, where we get will depend on us, from our work, in fact. In words, anything can happen, while we start from the Parma, insidious match: they beat us three times in the last three. 
What match was Milan-Lazio?
A good game, two teams that link the beautiful game, not fixed to rigid modules. And this philosophy is to do well in Europe, will surely be two protagonists of the entire season.
Tomorrow, finally, your first bench for Juventus: feelings? 
It will not be like all the other times, it is obvious. I will be very excited, but lucid.
How many teams will start in front?All or nothing: to say today is prohibitive, is not? 
The league is very balanced, the value of each is raised, there will be fun. 
How many times you will come down the stairs that separate the bench from the technical?
I’m used to make fell my presence to the players, in the end we won’t count them, you’ll see (laughs).
Parma last year marked the beginning of the end of Juventus season:can you fell this pressure? 
You can not talk about luck, however even if we go looking for luck with good performance. We should definitely honor this beautiful stadium, our great society.