TURIN – From comeback to the league title, going for Del Piero, Buffon and the outbreak of Parma. The Juventus coach was interviewed exclusively by Sky. Conte’s statements will be broadcast in full Sunday, May 13 at 13.30 on Sky Sports 1 HD and Sky 3D, the special “Conte, a dream called Scudetto.” 

The festivities of the Scudetto. 
The moment that it stuck with me most in my mind in these days of festivities is surely the final hug at Trieste. Then, if we want to remember a funny thing, walking the streets of Turin and see the people in the street, pulling the handbrake not giving a damn any collisions, falls, hugs you, cries and tells you thanks. 

And the most difficult moments. 
There were difficult times, also because we do not forget that we were not started to win the championship. The most difficult was when we found ourselves minus 4 and minus 7 from Milan before difficult games like those against Fiorentina and Inter. Then, I remember that in a press conference I heard Allegri who already talked about the second star to put on the shirt of Milan next year. At that moment I thought: “Hell, they are convinced of winning their own Scudetto.” 

We have reviewed the best Buffon. What did you do to convince him to stay? 
He is back to the center of the project. Champions like him, Del Piero, Pirlo, must feel at the center of the project, must feel the responsibility. I have done nothing but treating them of responsibility. Buffon and Del Piero were the first with whom I spoke, I made them understand what I expected from them, they had to help me a lot more than others, because with them I would be fierce from all points of view. And they helped me a lot. Buffon, Del Piero and Pirlo were the three champions that have contributed to the explosive growth of this group. 

What sensation gives you be the farewell of Del Piero? 
He gives me the feeling of a player extraordinarily concentrated on the present. This has been the value added for him and for us, especially when the weather became hot and we needed shots of sample. He was there, as there is now and we will be in this final of season, as we want to keep the unbeaten run and hopefully to win the Italian Cup. I always saw him as a player who could solve the problems. I’ve often been criticized because I played him a little, sometimes 6 or 7 minutes. But I’ve always called him when I needed him, that was one minute, 30 seconds, a half or the whole game. 

The outburst of Parma, would you do it again? 
Yes, I don’t regret anything. Those were my statements emphasized because, if we review the season, all societies have complained, absolutely all. We allowed ourselves to seek equal treatment, we did not say: “The referee was wrong.” At that moment I felt a duty to tell you. Instead they killed us because it it seemed that us, however, we should not talk. No, they all speak and therefore also talks Juventus. Not because we did not believe in the system, but because the numbers and facts have led to those reflections. There was an incredible tenacity as if to say: “You are talking? exactly the ones who should not talk?” No. I speak because if I see something wrong that goes against my team, I talk and will speak. 

AC Milan remembering the goal of Muntari even two months apart was a strategy that has you irritated? 
would say that the field has talked: 8 wins in the last 9 games as a demonstration that there was no irritation. I have always said that the championship would be won by the best team, the team that, during the season, had been more constant, had played better, had a better organization. And I think that all this the Juventus has shown and has been over AC Milan. 

You had entered into the history of this club as a player, now as a coach, have you already realized? 
The other day, when we resumed training, I looked at the players who were warming and I thought: “I’m the coach who won the Scudetto.” It was a nice feeling. Then I thought: “You have proven that you deserve the chance has been given to train.” But, to tell the truth, I had no doubts about this. Some years ago I made a statement that might have seemed presumptuous, I said: “If in 4-5 years I do not arrive to coach a great, I dedicate myself to the family, to which I had taken as much.” It felt To me that I would return to Juventus. When I retired, I knew that this was see you soon and not a goodbye. I’m back and I’m glad that what I felt then has come true, although I must admit that the reality has exceeded the imagination. 

You want the third star on the jersey? 
The stars have a symbolic value, the important thing is to make history by winning. This is my first Scudetto as a coach. For mentality, never look back nor to think about good things, nor think of the ugly. I always think about the present and to what will happen. 

After the Italian Cup Final, is the time to talk about his contract? 
Surely in these days we’ll start talking with the company. It is right to confront after a year of work on everything. But there’s peace of mind from me and from the company 

Which is your next dream? 
The next dream is to renew my contract. 

adapted by: Mike Prise