Leaving aside for a moment the multitude of transfer rumors, let’s do a quick thinking on the structure that Mr. Conte plans to use for the next year. In many ways, take it for granted the use of the classic 4-4-2 considering the limits of Krasic and insistent search for a left outer. Yet it is not so simple.

Those who expect that Conte will use the infamous 4-2-4 has not come to terms with the “officially” transfermarket of Bianconeri. The full-backs bought, Lichtsteiner and Ziegler are having outstanding offensive gifts and ill-adapted to the 4-2-4 of Conte. In addition, the coach Salentino has almost always sided with the high wingers with “inverted feet”, this means that Krasic would find space on the left and a hypothetical left-footed on the right wing.

All of us have been able to “see” the performance of the blonde of Serbia on the left wing, and we do not believe to find someone who supports that decision. Finally there is the midfield question, with the resource Marchisio, which would lose value in a 2 midfield . Without considering the use of Andrea Pirlo, very symbolic in the module preferred by Mr. Conte.

There is also the Bastos question, temporarily blocked by the non-EU status, seems to have other problems. When Conte decides to rely on a 4-3-3 will put in place the doubts of the midfield and give the right space for the new full-backs out loud, however, sacrificing the left wingers. The interest of Rome on Marchisio seems to throw more mud on each other and that’s why we can do is to rely on humble conjecture. It’s still likely that the arrival of Bastos is the keystone of the matter. What we are witnessing a transfer market then it would seem aimed at a well-defined philosophy of play, probably by the famous 4-2-4.

Including the European game it has to be taken into consideration the idea of a chameleon-like formation and dynamic, a characteristic of teams Marcello Lippi that has willy or nilly definitely left a mark in the experience of Antonio Conte.

What matters is that the directors who makes the market, and the coach , speak the same language. This is what we hope for.