Accomplice to the absence in Europe and the strike, the Juve of Conte has in calendar a valuable ally for a gradual growth and in the immediate seek of the balance in the field.milan, the-honest-ones, Napoli, Udinese, Lazio and Roma have in fact already been active in direct confrontations and challenges of weight in Europe. 

Juve instead has grown in the field and has accumulated points and with two certainties “sparring partner” easy on paper, demolishing on debut Parma , beating cynically Siena to Franchi .The facilitated course and “net” for Juve of Conte and society’s trust in the choices of Mister (already endorsed in the final phase of the market) clash with the discomfort of others coaches already on the gridiron : Gasperini, Luis Enrique, Reja

On one hand, Capitano Conte decided to seek a total field BALANCE, on the other hand three coaches, stopped at one point, they did the tightrope between intrusive clubs, demanding fans, bulky players and poor results. 

 Besides a meticulous, charisma and ability to reason, Conte especially has frighteningly clear ideas: the obsessive ball possession and the team that unfolds in width, allowed Juve to reach the goal and to control the games; the high and fierce pressing and and the foldings of the two wingers have also helped to achieve a functional BALANCE to tame the “provincial”.

Even in the choice of the performers, Conte has already carved a few pillars in only two games: the duo Barzagli-Chiellini in defense (resurrecting Grosso with Siena, rather than moving Chiellini), the duo Marchisio – Pirlo in the middle, (taking on the bench the pounding Vidal) and the pair of wingers, Pepe and Giaccherini, in preference to the most talented and expensive Krasic and Elia

 Courageous, but ultimately winning, the confirmation of the team as a whole view from the debut (with the addition of Vucinic), when the vast majority of sports fans and critics predicted Chiellini on the left, Krasic and Elia on wings , Vidal immediately and Del Piero forward with Vucinic. 

 Clear ideas and consistent in his choices, just the opposite compared to the endless variations of modules and interpreters and the risks taken by those who have changed rather often constrained by poor results, from the square or property directives (Gasperini and Luis Enrique), or who have been “forced” from the square to seek greater front-wheel drive, thus losing the posterity grip (Reja). 

 Conte spoke of “immediate search of balance” that did prefer the diligent and generous Giaccherini and Pepe to the most offensive and least regulated Krasic and Elia.Now the ability of Conte will be also the management and exploitation of men of weight as Krasic and Quagliarella, last year the best in the first part of season, and new challenges Estigarribia. and Elia. 

The close games with Bologna and Catania, will be important for a moderate turnover, by but choice and not by compulsion.The consistency of Conte and help of a soft start, put the coach and Juve in an ideal condition to face the next two rounds of approach to the truth first challenge at home against milan. 

A completely different psychological situation and points then the three poised misters that have changed often and reluctantly modules and interpreters.With a single point, the-honest-ones, Lazio and Roma play already with the water in throat in the midweek round and we know that to stay on the right side of the standings every ball weighs twice and lethal slips are always possible. 

 by: Sandro Scarpa 
adapted by: Mike Prise