Agnelli willing to give more powers to the coach: in January he will be offered an extension until 2018 
The estimeem of Agnelli Inside the long announcement that Andrea Agnelli has given Friday night at the Bianconeri official website, should not be underestimated paragraph dedicated to the Conte professional: “Juventus expects his coach finally on the bench, where his talent is able to express in full, continuing the work that is being provided daily, with devotion and dedication to the team. ” The President was impressed by how Antonio has always been able to keep the technical situation under control : solid, compact, winning group , all while real team with Marotta and  Paratici, among other things, they too are ready to sign significant renewals. Not only that, in all these months, president and coach got to know each other even humanly, off the field, and are found in many of those principles which eventually lead to the construction of important friendships. 
Jump in the future In short, Juve are studying a further jump in the future than the now decrepit planet Italian football. And after the stadium of property and the project of a  black and white citadel, it looks is really time to refresh the figure of the technician, closer and closer to the English model. In other words: the “captains” are moved from the field to the bench and the coach becomes an integral part of the club, thereby making it absolutely invulnerable even with regard to any whims of the locker room. 
Source: GdS (article by Ceniti-Graziano) 

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