Yes, we are in the Final! But we haven’t won anything! Pedaliamo!  

VINOVO (Torino), March 22, 2012 – So what? So … nothing. Nothing has changed in the minds of Juventus players, as a sense of fulfillment, even after a large undertaking and unequivocal demonstration of force like that worth to qualify in the final of Italian Cup, against AC Milan. Woe to to those who cheer, woe to anyone who thinks he already knows what, woe to anyone who opens the way to brownouts. No, Antonio Conte – one accustomed to winning international trophies, not to draws in the return of the Italian Cup semi-finals … – does not accept any of this. For goodness sake, is well understood to choose this enthusiasm from the fans, but the players are not allowed moods and attitudes different from humbleness, hunger, determination. 

HAPPY FACES The Juventus coach explained it to his players, without half terms, yesterday on the sidelines of the return to training. A clear speech, fact of compliments for the nth good performance offered against Milan, but also a specific warning: “I do not want to see happy faces, I want to see grit and determination. We have not done anything yet, we have not yet reached no goal. Therefore we have to work, because happy faces it is better to have at the end of the season. ” 

A NEW OBJECTIVE Reasoning is flawless, especially considering that the four points behind the top, in the championship, remained so. And Sunday night is none other than the challenge against M***A. And towards the match against M***A, then, the concentration of Andrea Pirlo and companions should be directed towards that. Not surprisingly, after all, Conte has drawn an unusual program of weekly training sessions, yesterday, in fact, the immediate recovery and today the day of rest. All this for issues related to physical considerations and athletic, but also psychological: it is a way to quickly clean sweep over the match with AC Milan and think, instead, to the championship.  

FANS With the hope, of course, that day after day, the concentration of the players continue to act as a counterpoint to the enthusiasm of the fans. Also yesterday, in fact, there were over 200 supporters outside the gates of Juventus Sports Centre in Vinovo. 

source: Tuttosport (by Fabio Riva) 
adapted by: Mike Prise