TURIN, November 5, 2012 – Antonio Conte has raised the volume of his voice, as he would have did on Saturday night, if he was on the bench: only that was a couple of meters away from the team, at Vinovo, yesterday at the return to training. He had not at all liked the attitude of Juve: why lower so much the trench, after the first ten minutes of the assault? Brutal response, a bit ‘is part of the manual of good coach: children, inter won because had more hunger. Sacrilege in the temple of those who, with hunger on the lawn and Conte as coach, won a championship and asphalted 48 games without defeat. That the coach on the sidelines is not an option, it shows well the evening of Lichtsteiner, one that for residence is a neighbor of the bench: the good old days, to the screams, he had the ears from Topo Gigio after less than a quarter of ‘hours. Matter of meters, centimeters: sometimes you have to be back, other times more forward. Conte is like this, in field trials, a stubborn perfectionist. From “Any Given Sunday”: the margin of error is very small, Is enough a half step did a little ‘early or late for not finding the ball.

At Juve must fight for centimeters. Instead Lichtsteiner crashed, forcing Alessio to remove him to avoid self-destruction. Or may not have on the bench Conte makes its difference, and at Juve do not reflect from yesterday, sudden syndrome after defeat, but it is an observation made more than once: after all, if the job of coach to be reduced the working week, no one would ship on the sideline, the day of battle. “Even if it should not be an excuse.” Juve had begun to win without the boss at the helm, but also with unusual symptoms that lead some to say: “It was a while that we were shooting around the defeat.” On the weight of this absence was discussed when the agenda for the first time, thickened of travel difficult at Stamford Bridge, against the champions of Europe, and Florence, in a hostile environment. Following the game from Sky box is not the same thing, despite relays, satellites, microscopy from 007 and secret passages in the locker room (sought by the inspectors of the FIGC prosecutor before Juventus-Napoli).

Of the first defeat, Conte has  noted another anomaly: never against inter, Buffon was forced to throw in the ball sending it far away. Which, in most cases, meant to give it to opponents. Too many errors in exit: Inter marked the man, especially the defenders, Barzagli, Bonucci, Chiellini, and Vidal made some wrong choices, with a couple of balls given away in the danger zone (shooted high by Cambiasso). Idem in middle of the field as birthplace to double of inter. The faces were disappointed Saturday night, but the spirits were not depressed: a defeat does not clear certainties cemented in a good year. More or less what fans think, that at the Juventus Stadium they still applauded the team, and then on the twitter profile of Juventus have clogged the hashtag # 49voltegrazie. The rest Conte has said to the team, remembering that have to start, already in the Champions League on Wednesday, with a conviction that we are not inferior to anyone.

source: La Stampa (by Massimiliano Nerozzi)