I read with amazement the statements made today by Mr. Cassano, as a result of which I am compelled to make some clarifications.

First, I have never uttered the word morality, which, among other things, I am very gifted despite the disqualification for failing to report on which I have already expressed my views in the past. When asked about how they are made the choices of the players of Juventus, I referred to the man, understood as the interpreter of the role of the player in a professionally impeccable. Namely: commitment, respect for rules, respect of roles, devotion to the common good of the team.

It seems to me that Mr. Cassano in his career has repeatedly demonstrated on and off the field, see imitations of Capello at Real Madrid, or the horns shown referee Rosetti and other episodes, not having the requirements on demand by the undersigned.

Also other anecdotes to that effect them to us has recounted himself in his biography, for example in page 109. I therefore do not have to add anything else, except that when I use certain terms, I rate them in full literal meaning.

source: juventus.com