Tomorrow Conte’s Juventus will meat in a friendly Betis Sevilla in Salerno. On the eve of the evidentiary test, the Juventus coach gave a lecture in a press conference of the work done so far. Will not get in the pitch Arturo Vidal:
“He will not be called – said Antonio Conte – Need a little time for getting into and he has to enter the gaming system and find the physical condition. His role? I’ve seen in Chile has played everywhere except in goal, but we have taken him as a central midfielder. In an emergency, however, he could also be used elsewhere. “

“Pepe, Quagliarella and Toni will remain here to train, because they have not yet disposed of the discomfort. Fabio is also recovering from a bad injury and is doing a specific job. To review the real Quagliarella will take time. “


“They learned the idea to develop, but there is still much work to make it full with all our staff: Vucinic has just arrived, Vidal only yesterday and who will arrive will have to assimilate the new mechanisms. Every day is a test for us, because every day we grow. It’s also inevitable that we are considered during construction and had little time because the team is incomplete: do not forget that we are playing in this pre-season with two players coming from Primavera plus Pasquato “.


“We know that milan-merda, inter-merda, Naples, are already lapped and we are starting from scratch. We are building, but not dare hypothesis. We must remain silent and ride, trying to be competitive in the shortest possible time. “


“We will play with Buffon, Lichtsteiner, Bonucci, Barzagli, if Chiellini is not recovering from a knock taken in the national team and De Ceglie in defense and Krasic on the right, and Marchisio Pirlo in the middle. On the left Pasquato or Ruggiero, Matri striker and a companion that I haven’t decided yet.”