[adsense]STRAIT TIMES To further convince Conte on the impossibility of a tour in the heat are the tight calendar. This year, it’s back to the field to the Epiphany, which falls on a Sunday, unlike last season when the first day of the year was scheduled for January 9. Players have one week of vacation during the winter break: with the away match in Cagliari in early Friday, December 21, the Bianconeri will be free from the next day and will return to Vinovo only Saturday, December 29. Many will then take on intercontinental flights – such as Vidal, Isla, Caceres and Asamoah – to return home or even just for fun, with the risk of returning a little ‘tired and certainly just get back on the road is not the best. For more the living in Arab countries should have been limited to a few days (Juventus-Sampdoria on January 6, the return to Italy would be at least three days before the game) and then it seemed absurd, if not harmful, face a series of disadvantages (from jet lag to temperature) without apparent benefits of stay to heat enough stunted is the time to devote to training.

FRIENDLY So Juventus will expect the 2013 in Vinovo, between one session and the other, trusting that the climate remains mild: if you can not have 30 degrees of Dubai, at least not fall too much below freezing. At best, the coach considers a European friendly to play for 2 or Jan. 3, but the place must be close to the team in order to avoid the bother tiring transfers and interfere with the program of preparation.

Source: Tuttosport (article by Marina Salvetti)