Speaking to Sky after the great victory by 4 to 1 with Parma, Antonio Conte has told his on Krasic, putting an end to all controversy.

These are his words:

“Milos has ideal characteristics for me, fast and technical. Must become more decisive in the final meters, he and Vucinic were returning from an injury and I have chosen those who worked and who was more fit. “

There are also praise for the team and fans, all artisans, for the new Juventus coach, of an excellent test:

“All very well, was the game that we wanted for our fans, who were magnificent from start to finish, they dreamed. And even the guys deserved it. All beautiful, but remember that we are being built, brick by brick to put every day to build an important building. “

Juventus definitely a good result, but down to earth. Besides Conte is a man of football and he knows that yet “there is a lot of work.”