ROME, August 20, 2012 – When today at 14 the President of the Federal Court of Justice, Gerardo Mastrandrea will open the second round of the process to football betting, will miss one hundred hours just before the kick off for championship. On August 24, starts Serie B, without knowing yet if Grosseto and Lecce, in the judgment of the first day and tomorrow the other, can be part of it. A process almost exclusively inspired by the need to “do justice” in times more than fast, to ensure the smooth running of the football season: perhaps not the best condition to ensure even balanced judgments. But the circus is in a hurry. And more than the position of the two clubs still in the balance, hold the breath of the fans all over Italy are the fate of Antonio Conte.

Him, the undisputed star of the appeals process, which will start in the early afternoon (tomorrow it’s up to Pepe and Bonucci, after the appeal to their acquittal) will assist at the hearing – but without intervening – to assist the work of defenders De Rensis and Bongiorno . Which have also produced scientific documents to push the case of resentment, also from the economic point of view (the need for obstetrician), by the repentant Carobbio, also present at the dispute between the wives. But his credibility would be undermined especially, according to the defense, including a reconstruction of the contradictory times: if the agreement to combine Novara and Siena is materialized by him and Bertani to the stadium, how could Conte be aware before, in the technical meeting ?

The judge Artico also recognized the contacts between Carobbio and the group of gypsies in the hours before the game, and that he claimed not to have had the whole period in Tuscany. “If he lied about this, how can you rule out that he may have lied about the whole episode? “the reflection that Conte’s lawyers will expose the judges. More complicated to deal with the second alleged failure to report, that for Albinoleffe-Siena, after the confession of his collaborator Stellini: “Little credible that Conte did not know how” for the committee. For this, the real goal is to hope for a reduction of sentence that leads to disqualification on about six months. Hoping then that the TNAs can reduce to those 3-4 months that the technician would be willing to share.

And would please Palazzi with the “guilt” of the man symbol of his sport investigation. To report in the courts today will be around seventeen between players and clubs. Hoping for a discount, even Pesoli, chained until in mid-August at the gate of the FIGC to ask for a confrontation with his accusers, the lawyer Rodella will return to ask in court, instance bound to be rejected. Justice in a hurry.

Source: La Repubblica (article by Matteo Pinci)

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