Don’t worry Ale, you’re still the best! Everybody knows that! 

VINOVO (Torino), April 4, 2012 – Twelve minutes of passion, by Antonio Conte, and attention, by the Bianconeri troops, have thus opened the mini-shift work week ahead of the Easter season. Saturday, 18.30, Juventus will be involved in the delicate away match Palermo and the coach – as usual … has wanted to immediately clear up any bad thoughts and evil temptations. Things like the sense of fulfillment, feeling that the road is downhill, the belief that at this point everything is payable and granted. Both in a general sense, both in a personal sense is meant. 

The whistles As for the other, is therefore opened hunting for a place next to Montenegrin: Marco Borriello has earned the boos of the Stadium, although Conte went over the calculation of errors in front of goal and has assessed fairly – well – the vast amount of work made by former Roma player. Sermon on the opposite, however, for Fabio Quagliarella: a few minutes for him, against Napoli (which despite the expectations of ownership gained earlier this week), but the bell his goal did it and now hopes. He said it himself, moreover, hot after the game: “It ‘s hard to climb the hierarchy, but the coach is good at keeping us on the line …”. 

THE STORY But also hope the two Alessandri. Matri who still remains the top scorer of the team, at an altitude of 10 goals, and would appreciate having a way and time to improve the score personnel and offer his contribution to the team. Now that is fresh the renewal to 2017, then … But even in this case there is an opposing viewpoint. That of Del Piero, who’s got the contract to an end, and thus would gamble at best last chances to touch record and write the story. He commented on its website: “Six points against Inter and Napoli thanks to two evenings to remember, in front of our fans that there are close in an extraordinary way, and I have to thank them even personally. The two victories in so difficult matches, that the calendar have had in a row, should give us a super charge to continue on our journey. I like the whole team, I’m already thinking about next, so … Now let’s focus on Palermo. ” The aim of the team, the three points. That individual, carve out a space for glory: spitting blood in the week, just to earn it … 

source: Tuttosport (by Fabio Riva) 
 adapted by: Mike Prise