TURIN – It begins again. After a stop for the national team, the championship returns: Juve against Palermo. Antonio Conte is sure: no repercussions from the long break. 

“Tomorrow are 22 days that we do not go on the field. It is only since Thursday we are back to train together, yesterday’s session was done just to go back in all to the championship climate. The boys are always available, they want to do everything, I’m very happy. The break can break the rhythm, can interrupt a good time, but I’m not worried. We were ready before we go back and be ready now. No alibis. Do not forget that Palermo have won three years in Turin, we must show that something has changed compared to previous years. This match is like a World Cup final for us. Then think about the other. ” 

LAUNCH RAMP – The stop, however, has allowed those players not used as Quagliarella and Elia, for example, to train consistently without distractions, 

“We find a positive aspect in that. Those who remained have done a great job and have recovered. From now on there will be only technical choices. ” 

THE RANKING – The rankings speak of Juve for the upper tiers : 
“But we must look at it in December. Let’s just take a look every now and then. The important thing is that we are doing well. If we work well, we remains high. We must continue to do so. There is still everything to play in a championship. ” 

CONTROVERSY – This was a week of controversy, and courts of appeals. There may be an impact on the championship? 
“I like things on the field and the verdicts in the field. I do not think I would otherwise have repercussions at home. I and the players gather our energy in work. We must continue to do what we’re doing. We are building something strong for the present and the future.” 
Regarding the postponement of Juve-Napoli? 
“We respected the decision: the reality should always exceed the sport” 

VIDAL – The case of Vidal is back: “I spoke with him. I was surprised because here had always an exemplary behavior. I do not have anything to say about him. For me it’s a great guy. Was wrong to appear on National late, there are rules that must be respected. He has shown maturity in the desire to apologize and to demonstrate the love of his national team. Is young and must use this negative experience for not doing more. ” 

source: tuttosport adapted by: Mike Prise