I have never lost Faith! Never! I will fight until my last drop of Blood! It’s in my DNA!

TURIN, March 14, 2012 – The shadow of wrongs arbitration, the silence chosen to avoid further controversy, the matter of ignored fouls and lost points, the words of Andrea Agnelli who is applauding Juve and looks ahead “against everything and everyone” . You would expect a bit of tension, at the Juventus Center, but the atmosphere is relaxed. And in the early morning confrontation between Antonio Conte and the team, the normal resumption of training, while surfacing issues of the day, including the effort to score of Genoa-Juventus are isolated, the positive indications: “We have to continue like this and we still have our say” the position of coach, mad for the draw but satisfied by the performance, happy with the game expressed and the rapid pace that clear the opacity flashed recently. It was a particular draw , in synthesis, and in its folds lurk encouraging signs: four points are not a canyon and there are still eleven rounds, and besides there is the Italian Cup final at the fingertips, also against rivals AC Milan . Is the slogan of the day, but it is also a old leitmotif here at Vinovo, almost as much as some complaints about refereeing decisions which, however, now, nobody wants to thinks about. 

SILENCE When Conte speaks, is a little past nine. And the silence of the players surrounding has nothing to do with “the moment of reflection”: they listen carefully and read the technician’s face that shares each word, who feel the injustice of the result of Marassi beyond the protests, compared to the game offered, they feel that even this -4 is not a irreparable from Milan. They are heartened by the braking balance of the followers who leave the second place safe, but especially they look forward, not at all culled and even ready to restart: they know that the Rossoneri have more experience and quality, but they also know to be a team and at this stage wish to prove with more force.  

TEST “Against everything and all,” the president said. Who is at Vinovo, to stay close to the team. Comes at lunchtime and follows training on the sideline: with him, Pavel Nedved and Fabio Paratici. Although this is normal, but now represents a different value: how is Andrea saying? “United against everything and everybody.” The morning is dedicated exclusively to athletic tests carried out in collaboration with Mapei center to verify the functional condition and adaptation to training. The Bianconeri (or rather the yellows, since wearing the new shirts for training) in small groups sustain a “Mognoni”, the “Forest” and ‘”HIT”: the first for the detection of lactic acid, the second one – done on a platform of Kistler – for the variation of muscle power and the third to evaluate the ability of recovery. 

THE SLOGAN After lunch, back on the field. This time for exercises of possession and training games. The first, eleven against eleven on reduced field, the first with requirement of single touch and then with two, was won 2-0 by the “yellow” with two goals from Del Piero. The second, seven against seven, sees prevailed 5-1 the “red vests” (two from Quagliarella, goals of EstigarribiaMarrone and Bouy, for the yellow sign Padoin). Now Juve is not only charge by Conte and support of Agnelli,  feels also the enthusiasm of over three hundred fans came from all over Italy to sustain her. Those “fans who love Juve,” as pointed out with pride Agnelli, and who espouse on the fly the slogan of Conte“WE STILL BELIEVE… …”. 

source: Il Corriere dello Sport (by Antonio Barillà)
adapted by: Mike Prise