Turin, August 7, 2012 – “They have angered me badly, I feel like a raging bull, and now they are cabbages in the sense that this year Juve will do new miracles and will win more than last season.”
And in fact did not plea bargain because “with the filth of soccer betting I get to do,  like the cabbage into snack.” As a man with his back straight prefers a hard sentence to a mean compromise. Certainly he will be followed by very human doubts, or that his image, including misunderstandings, rumors, accusations true or alleged to be permanently compromised. One thing is sure: with Agnelli does not risk anything, the president who claims 437 million from the Federation for moral and material damages caused to Juve would not give up his trainer even though would give to five-year disqualification. 
Instead, he comments on the Super Cup match against Napoli (“We will win spitting blood!”), Waits four reinforcements (a defender, a fluidifier to the left and two forwards) and is planning the months of captivity outside the bench. A lion in a cage that will suffer like hell and who is refining the agreement with the friend Carrera because he wants to win, he said quite clearly, even more. To avenge an injustice so big that it can not be bigger. 

 source: quotidiano.net; by Mario D’Ascoli

 Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS