Conte was hidden in a Box with darkened windows near the giant picture of Scirea
TURIN, August 26, 2012-There is a zone of the Juventus Stadium that has yet to be completed. Is immediately above the VIP, ranging from corner to corner and in the company’s plans there will arise other stages such as those positioned slightly lower. For now there is nothing in that area and to bridge the gap have been placed panels with pictures of some great champions who have made the history of Juventus. Only behind the halfway line there are a couple of rooms that can be exploited and in one of them, protected by the legitimate intrusiveness of TV cameras and photographers with a thin layer of adhesive film, there was Antonio Conte
The position Is that the location chosen to attend the premiere of season: waiting for TNAs, the perspective of the coach champion of Italy is to stay away from the bench for 10 months, so throughout the season. Juve and Conte have wisely decided to abandon the hypothesis more challenging, but allowed by the regulation: place themselves in the first row of the stands, next to the bench. Logical choice because at that location Conte would be easy to control and could not communicate with Carrera. Some joker fan had instead suggested a solution imaginative and fun, but also impractical: the technician in curve ready to use choirs to send messages to the team. 
Source: GdS (article by G.B. Olivero) 

Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS