In a long interview with the colleague of Turin daily Tuttosport , Guido Vaciago, the new Juventus coach Antonio Conte takes looks at the black and white transfer market and to his team for one week before the season. Here are the most significant passages: 
THE TRANSFER MARKET – “A vote for the market? The only vote that counts is what will given by the field. Needless to comment now: do not serve other words, the goals will count. What we can say is that it was a difficult market for all , photograph of a critical moment of Italian football: the champions go away and you can not buy them back. This applies to everyone, not only for Juventus. No one can afford to spend millions 30/40: Ibrahimovic did not arrive, did not arrive Messi … in fact, they left Eto’o and other important players. Juve have invested and bought so much? We have operated in the way it was right to work for Juventus, which means to build the present looking to the future. For example, we closed deals with young players but national, and Elia who is 24 years old and costs the right, even in terms of the wages.We have staked everything on the desire of young people like Giaccherini and Estigarribia who are so hungry, but they have never trod the important stages and from this point of view are always safe because they put the soul. And ‘the philosophy of Lippi? Is ‘the philosophy of humility. I always tell guys, it takes the humility of a provincial team, that evil, that race, foaming at the mouth. Provincial team? At this time an Italian club can not afford to buy a player for 40 million. At the economic level we do not have the strength to give money to the clubs and the champions. The players we buy them, do not buy them … How does one get out? With a bath of humility that involves everyone and trying to take other roads. We must not think that we are still the best ones, because England and Spain are ahead, no point hiding the fact.And with the discovery neglected values ​​such as work culture and to find the result through the game. Because the culture of only one result is no longer enough: we must start thinking about changing to chase the others. Look at the first exit from the euopean cup … Even the fans should understand. It ‘better to have a team that plays football and the result will be a consequence. Because the other way around, thinking only of the result, you may be fine once, twice, three, but in the end, the trick will not work if there is no system of play and community. ” 
CONTE THE COACH – “How do I define myself? A great field worker. I need the field, is my natural habitat. And the job of coaching for me is all-encompassing. I maniac? When someone has an idea tries to propose it and be faithful, especially because in the past this idea has led me to win two promotions from Serie B from four that I played … But the field is the only philosophy. And ‘in the field I’m trying to convince players to follow me. I tell them: do not do what I tell you because I’m asking, but because you also believe and ask me if you are not convinced.For me it is essential that they ask me. When and how to study these ideas? Especially with the comparison with the other coaches. In these years I have always tried to follow a lot of work of colleagues and especially those in lower ranks. I was inspired a lot of amateur coaches who do not have the luck of the famous players to have direct access to the course of Coverciano and must win championships to get there and train with great difficulty: to get there you have new ideas to emerge. Because there are always new ideas, do not trust those who say that in football we do not invent anything, he says because he is lazy and does not want broken bales. Nothing about Barcelona? But no, of course, I also look at the teams that win a lot and dominate like Barcelona and Manchester United. There is always something to learn from those who win. ” 
EXPECTATIONS OF FANS – “What do the fans expect from Juventus? Find back Juve, the true Juve. They expect the team will be competitive again, which will transmits her Juventinita during the game, expect evil, determination and grit. We come from two sevenths places and were not due to chance. Once it can happen, two not: means that there is no basis and are good to change. For this Juve I tried to operate in a certain way on the market: one which to respect the will of the coach, the other the company’s budget. There has always been full agreement between the coach, CEO and president, unlike what I’ve read or heard every now and then … Too many times I’ve heard of s…! Type that I did not want Kaka or Pastore, players we can not afford. ” 
DIFFICULT TASK – “If the fact he have not got players of that caliber makes my job more difficult? Not difficult, very difficult. We need to build strong bone structure and integrate it from year to year with determinants Champions. This is the way back to win both nationally and internationally. When I ask for patience is precisely for this reason, we need to set a sound basis. There are no guarantees: as Agnelli who is Juventino also in his breath, Marotta who has excellent knowledge and a coach like me who has great desire, determination and a huge Juventinita. ” 
“PIRLO SUITABLE FOR MY GAME? THE FIELD GAVE THE ANSWER” – “If Pirlo is suited to my game? The field and the facts have already given the answer. Indeed Pirlo gave it right! Not forget that Milan has also played with the famous 4-2-Imagination and Pirlo was paired with Gattuso or Ambrosini. But even in the Lippi’s Italy of the World Cup Pirlo he held a similar role … I can say I’m glad that Pirlo plays for me and not against me: he was demonstrated a Champion in all , in and off the field. ” 
“JUVENTUS IS A RESPONSIBILITY'” – “Juventus” It’s not a burden but a responsibility and feel. And ‘that’s what pushes me to be a perfectionist about everything, anything. We have lost too much time, now we must not throw even a minute to build. What can I bring to Juve? I can think of text messages from former players that say: thank you for teaching me how to play to win. Is the best thing ever and I want to bring it to Juventus. If you can teach to win? Sure. We are born winners? You can be born with a predisposition, but winning is a culture, a way to win is you have to take it all and does not stop overnight, because there are no shortcuts. It takes sacrifice, strength, determination: it is an uphill course. Full of anger and moments not easy, but brings you the enjoyment that is the most complete the Victory. For me, winning is everything, but losing is dying … It ‘s a temporary death that lasts for me two days, then I find the strength in defeat – to become even stronger and avoid more defeats. ” 
CHAMPIONS TO KEEP AN EYE – “Champions to watch this year? Ours I hope. Estigarribia as investments, which is not well known, Giaccherini, and even Elia is not famous … I wish we will mention at the end of season about them, as players who have been the revelations: that would mean we would have done a good job everyone. ” 
THE NEW STADIUM – “The club has moved in a grand. Is out to all, is at the level of the big European clubs which have been mentioned previously. Juventus out of the field is up to the big, now we have to be in the field to bridge the distance and the stadium can be a stimulus. It’s obvious that at this moment in terms of strategic choices we are ahead then in football. Playing in a stadium that brings adrenaline, strength, pure passion in our players and me. Is a stadium that reflects the stages of typhus at English and I expect a quantum leap from the public. I tell them we are doing our best to bring Juventus at the top, but it takes patience. A stadium can provide, but can also can take away. What is the most attractive stadium where I played? Old Trafford and the Bernabeu … Two that I would return to attend as a coach. “