TURIN, September 18, 2012 – Tests of Champions League. Yesterday Antonio Conte has worked extensively on high balls because tomorrow night at Stamford Bridge many will come from parts of Buffon. Insidious effect, full of passion. And, far from prying eyes, the coach has tried to anticipate the reason for the long-awaited game. Giovinco, Pirlo and Vucinic (great shooters, good at kicking in all modes) have put a strain on the Juventus defense. Industrial quantities of balls: high, sure, but not only. Even though low, low to the ground, fast. And Vidal and Marchisio to shoot from long range. Conte is preparing everything, even in small details, is well aware that in games so equlibrate a detail overlooked can make a difference in the negative. And then he asked the wingers to block the actions of the blues because Di Matteo uses very much the bands, we must limit their effectiveness. So will focus on Barzagli, Bonucci and Chiellini. For this reason held in Genoa, the clivornese in the field throughout the game allowing him to put breath in your lungs and muscles run. Chiellini will be very useful having regard to its powerful physical structure. And if he is good can stop any player, the problem is that he is still in top condition.
FIRST MINUTES Fundamental the first twenty minutes of the game in which the Italian champions will try not to concede a goal not to have to anxiously chase the result. The more time passes, the more we have hopes of getting a prestigious result against the defending champions increase. So maximum concentration from the beginning. So Antonio Conte and Massimo Carrera will start warming up a few minutes ahead of schedule. Important, almost essential, get in tune with the environment, take a deep breath the atmosphere of the game. At the kick-off, to make the idea, the Bianconeri must already be in the game, otherwise it would face unpleasant surprises.
PRESSING It has not missed, of course, work in midfield. Conte has focused on pressing. A lot of running, double marking on ball possession. The Bianconeri technicians are well aware that Chelsea is a lot of movement and, therefore, there in the middle you have to fight without fear. And if necessary also use the hard way because we must not be intimidated by the incredible competitive nastiness that release the British in front of their fans. Juve,  this is what needs to be done, to give an idea. A hungry Juventus.

Source: Tuttosport (article by Camillo Forte)

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